Current lead time is 1-3 days after purchase. Thank you!


How long does it take to install?

It takes about 5-10 minutes depending on your mounting type

How does it The Driver Divider Mount?

A combination of ball bungees, straps and S-hooks mount to 99% of golf carts. Its up to the installer to decide how where these should attach?

What is the lead time?

Currently 5-7 business days

How much is shipping?

This ranges depending on where you’re located. We ship from Kitchener, ON. If you take your order through the shopping cart, it will give you a price.

How do you clean them? 

Ster-San or other bleach based cleaners can be sprayed on the divider and wiped down to avoid water-marks.

How does it roll up when riders are from the same household? 

By unclipping the 2 bottom straps and back strap, the user and roll is up and adhere the self adhesive Velcro together. It mounts in a 1-2” diameter roll at the top of the cart.

How does it perform with wind? 

Due to the weighted fiberglass bottom bar in the pocket and the bungee system, it does not flap around in the wind.

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